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Male to Female (MTF)

After a period of assessment, normally around 3 months, into the Real Life Experience has been completed, and by mutual agreement, some routine blood tests will be done to determine health and suitability. Depending on these results, hormones will be prescribed. In exceptional circumstances they are prescribed prior to transition, with agreement of the gender team. Hormone treatment may be offered in the form of the female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone.
This treatment may result in breast development and some re-distribution of Body Fat into a more female pattern, most noticeably, the face and hips. The extent of the change will vary from person to person, but will not have any notable effect on body hair growth, which may require hair-removal by way of electrolysis and/or laser treatment.
There may be side effects, such as mood swings, tiredness and breast tenderness, although many clients report feelings of calm and well being after starting on hormone treatment. Hormones can also increase the risk of experiencing breast cancer and high blood pressure. Therefore it is important to have regular medical check-ups.

It is advisable to reduce or stop smoking, before commencing hormone treatment. Smoking while taking Hormones greatly increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis, (DVT)

Anti-Androgens may also be recommended to counter the masculinising effects of Male Hormones.

The taking of hormones will be for the duration of one’s life.

Please Note: - Hormones should never be taken without your doctor’s involvement.
After successfully living as a woman during your “Real Life Experience” for at least 1 year, surgery may be recommended following a careful assessment by the clinic team. A second opinion from a mental health professional is also required prior to referral. Funding will have to be sought prior to referral for surgery from your local health authority.

Gender Confirmation Surgery
  • Construction of female type genitalia,
(vaginoplasty / clitoroplasty).
The prostate gland remains in-situ.

All Gender Confirmation Surgery is performed in England by Mr Phil Thomas who holds clinics at Sandyford 3-4 monthly. He operates in Brighton.

Other Treatments
Referral to an Endocrinologist for monitoring of hormone treatment and specialist advice on hormones.

Referral to a specialist for facial feminisation and tracheal shave.

Referral for breast augmentation – funding permitting

Referral to a Speech Therapist – is usually offered to help project a more female sounding voice.

Referral to a dermatologist for tattoo removal.

Referral to a specialist in hair removal by laser or electrolysis to help with body hair/beard, via a voucher system.

Male to Female (MTF)
Female to Male (FTM)

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