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Third Party Reporting

If you are apprehensive to go to the Police to report an incident of Hate Crime or anything else, you can report it through a Third Party. This is also known as Remote Reporting.

Please use the link to the Strathclyde Police and click the link to Reporting Hate Crime. There you can report a Hate Crime online, download a Hate Crime form and view or download Third Party locations where you can leave your filled-in form.

Please use the following Link to gain access a map and links to all of the Scottish Police Forces.

Important: If you believe you have been targeted because of your Transgender identity or because of your Sexual orientation, Race, Religion, or Disability or witness something you believe is motivated by prejudice like this, please consider reporting it to the police.

If you don't want to to contact the police directly you can get in touch through a Third Party Reporting Centre. You can view a PDF copy of a leaflet that includes information and details of these by clicking here: Hate Crime Leaflet March 2012

For further information visit:

Please - report any Hate Crime, be it Verbal, Physical or Graffiti, or a combination of those that you may be a victim of.

Don't be afraid of the Police - They are on Our Side.

We don't want these crimes to go being un-noticed by the Police - Help Them to Help You.

We don't want Transphobia and Homphobia to persist ruining our lives.


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