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(Information from Strathclyde Police)

On Foot Using a Car
Carry a personal alarm
Carry belongings close to you
Use well lit roads
Avoid short cuts such as alleys
Face oncoming traffic
If you think you are being followed, cross the road
Be aware when using personal stereos or mobiles
LADIES - keep your house keys on your person, not in you handbag
Avoid poorly lit car parks
Hide Valuables
Shut Windows and lock doors when you have
Keep keys handy when returning
Never leave keys in ignition when car is unattended
Don’t leave documents inside
Using Public Transport Using Taxis
Plan your Journey
Avoid bus stops that are isolated
Be aware of people around you while at bus stops
Sit in the lower deck of a double decker bus
Sit beside the driver or beside the emergency exit
If someone makes you feel uneasy, move to another seat
Only black hackney taxis can be hailed
Keep a note of telephone number
Book taxi in advance
Ask for drivers details when booking
Take a note of the licence plate number
Never disclose personal details to the driver
Have your house keys ready before alighting
Buddy System Alcohol
Use it on nights out or when working late
Appoint a “Buddy”
Give the Buddy your telephone number
Check in with the Buddy once home
The Buddy can contact those who haven’t checked in
Drink Slowly and space out your drinks with soft drinks
Decide on a limit and stick to it
Keep an eye on your drink
If you walk away from your drink, don’t go back to it.
Prevent Identity Theft In Essence
Never let your credit and or debit card/s out of your sight
Check cashline machines before using them
Don’t keep your pin number beside your bank card
Don’t take risks
Trust your instincts
Be sensible and aware
Be confident and keep safe


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