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Books of Interest 

Books relating to transgender issues fall into two broad categories:
(a) Fictional books which include transgender characters.

(b) Non-fiction books which provide information on gender issues, from a variety of viewpoints.  These include academic studies, biographies, relationship studies and others. Some of interest are listed below.The non-fiction books in particular may be difficult to obtain - some were published in small quantities, or by voluntary groups.
Transsexual Characters or Themes
Title Author Publisher & ISBN No.
Transgender Underground - London & the Third Sex Claudia Andrei  Glitter,
ISBN 1902588118
Normal - Transexual Ceos, Crossdressing Cops
& Hermaphrodites with Attitude
Amy Bloom Bloombury,
ISBN 0747564566
Gender Outlaw - On Men, Women & the Rest of Us Kate Bornstein Routledge,
ISBN 0415908973
My Gender Workbook Kate Bornstein Routledge,
ISBN 0415916739
True Selves - Understanding Transexualism Mildred Brown Jossey-Bass,
ISBN 0787902713
Male/Femaling - A Grounded Theory Approach to Crossdressing
& Sex-Changing
Richard Ekins Routledge,
ISBN 0415106257
Women - On Being a Woman Fay Fransella Tavistock,
ISBN 0422760803
Just Julia - The Story of an Extraordinary Woman Julia Grant Boxtree,
ISBN 1852834811
S/HE - Changing Sex & Changing Clothes Claudine Griggs Berg,
ISBN 1859739164
Dress Codes - A Story of 3 Girlhoods, My Mother's, My Father's & Mine Noelle Howey Virago,
ISBN 1860499902
Christine Jorgensen - A Personal Autobiography Christine Jorgensen Cleis,
ISBN 1573441007
A Two-Tiered Existence Samantha Kane Writers and Artists PLC, ISBN 0953360407
Crossing - A Memoir Deirdre McCloskey University of Chicago, ISBN 0226556689
The Sexing of Rebecca Pine - None So Pretty Reg McKay Mainstream,
ISBN 1840181753
The Bliss of Becoming One
Integrating "Feminine" Feelings Into the Male Psyche
Rachel Miller Rainbow,
ISBN 1568250312
Hedwig & the Angry Inch John C Mitchell Overlook,
ISBN 1585670340
Conundrum Jan Morris Faber & Faber,
ISBN 0571209467
Invisible Lives - The Erasure of Transexual & Transgendered People Viviane Namaste University of Chicago, ISBN 0226568105
Trans-X-u-all - The Naked Difference Tracie O'Keefe
& Katrina Fox
ISBN 0952948206
A Guide to Transexualism, Transgenderism & Gender Dysphoria Alice Purnell Gendys Network,
ISBN 0952510723
Accounting for Transexualism & Transhomosexuality Brian Tully Whiting & Birch,
ISBN 1871177049
Who Was Dr Charlotte Bach? Francis Wheen Short,
ISBN 1904095399
Crossdressing Characters and Themes
The Lazy Crossdresser Charles Anders Greenery,
ISBN 1890159387
The Gender Paradox - What it means to be a Transvestite Jed Bland The Derby TV/TS Group,
ISBN 0951788523
Take it Like a Man - The Autobiography of Boy George Spencer Bright Sedgewick & Jackson, ISBN 0283992174
Cross Dressing, Sex & Gender Vern Bullough University of Pennsylvania,
ISBN 0812214315
Men in Dresses - A Study of Transvestism/Crossdressing Vernon Coleman European Medical Journal,
ISBN 1898947996
Crossing The Line Sara Davidmann Dewi Lewis,
ISBN 1899235396
The Drag Queens of New York - An Illustrated Field Guide Julian Fleisher Pandora,
ISBN 004440994X
Charlene's Angels Colin Ginks Codex,
ISBN 189959815 4
The Dress Circle Laurie Graham Black Swann,
ISBN 0552997609
Transvestism & Crossdressing - Towards an Understanding M.T. Haslam Beaumont Trust,
ISBN 0952135752
Geraldine - Just Like a Woman Monica Jay Mandarin,
ISBN 0749336048
My Son Divine Frances Milstead Alyson,
ISBN 1555835945
Bert & Lori - The Autobiography of a Crossdresser Robert Rowey Prometheus,
ISBN 1573921491
Who's Really from Venus - The Tale of Two Genders Peggy Rudd P.M.,
ISBN 0962676241
My Husband Wears My Clothes
Crossdressing from the Perspective of a Wife
Peggy Rudd P.M .
ISBN 096267625X
Crossdressing with Dignity
The Case for Transcending Gender Lines
Peggy Rudd P.M.,
ISBN 0962676268
Crossdressers - And Those Who Share Their Lives Peggy Rudd P.M.,
ISBN 0962676276
Miss Vera's Crossdress for Success Veronica Vera Villard,
ISBN 0812991958
What Not To Wear  Trinny Woodall
& Susannah Constantine
Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
ISBN 0297843311
Drag Diaries Catherine Chermayeff
& Jonathon David
& Nan Richardson
ISBN 0811808955

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