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Domestic Abuse

Any form of physical, sexual or mental and emotional abuse which might amount to criminal conduct and which takes place within the context of a close relationship. The relationship will be between partners (married, cohabiting or otherwise) or ex-partners. The abuse can be committed in the home or elsewhere.

Domestic abuse comes in many forms, but at the core is the need for power, the ability to control or dominate a partner. This can be physical, sexual, mental or emotional abuse and it is rarely a one-off.
For example, has your partner or ex-partner ever:

Made you feel threatened or nervous?
Inflicted upon you any form of physical harm?
Forced you to engage in sexual acts that you are not comfortable with?

Although many of the tactics used in abusive relationships are universal, there are specific behaviours that reflect the larger context of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and hetrosexism surrounding LGBT relationships, for example:
Threats to reveal your HIV or AIDS status

Threats to 'out' you to your family, friends or work
Threats to jeopardise custody of children because of your sexual orientation.

Strathclyde Police recognises the needs of our diverse community and includes consideration of sexual orientation. All victims and their families are treated in a fair, sensitive and ethical manner with a consistency of approach, while taking into account the needs of the individual.

If you live in the Strathclyde area and are experiencing domestic abuse, Strathclyde Police has the ability to help protect you from further abuse. Strathclyde Police has many specially trained plainclothes domestic abuse liaison officers, based in your local area, who can offer you confidential information, support and practical help.

To report incidents of domestic abuse, you can:
Contact your local police office
Report confidentially to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
In an emergency, always call 999
For more advice or information, visit -

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